Daniel Aronson, Founder, Valgus


Daniel Aronson has been researching, writing, and consulting on the environment, social responsibility, and real estate for over 20 years. During his consulting career, he has led real estate technology thought leadership for Andersen, sustainability strategy consulting for Deloitte and for IBM, and he has worked with companies in real estate, apparel, health care, telecommunications, rail transportation, media, retail, high technology, financial services and many other industries.

Daniel has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School's class on strategic corporate citizenship and MIT’s Sustainability Lab, and serves as the chair of the Corporate Responsibility Association's Ratings and Rankings Thought Leadership Council.

Daniel leads clients through answering questions such as:

- How much money is it worth to make my building portfolio and operations more environmentally sustainable?

- What are the highest-ROI areas for improving environmental performance of my buildings and operations?

- What tenant segments will care about environmental performance? How much will it affect their decisions about location and space?

- What should our strategy be to maximize business value from improving the environmental sustainability of our buildings and operations? What should we do first?